Preparing a future first-grader for school is very important, because it provides a confident start for the student. It is up to you to decide how and where it will take place. To prepare a child at home or trust one of the development centers? If you have chosen the first option, then you need to know all the components of such training.

In order for your child to have the desire to develop, you need to create an atmosphere of love and respect, as well as a motivating environment. You can customize your child's room, buy educational toys or make them yourself. Show your child that learning is interesting and fun, play with it.

If you have already started such activities with a child, then conduct them regularly. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase their duration. Remember that it is very easy to repel a child's desire to learn, so do everything carefully and do not rush. Remember to praise your child for the slightest success, but at the same time, be moderately strict and remember discipline.

Preschoolers must have some knowledge about themselves, nature, the world and society. Thinking, attention and memory play an important role in learning, so these processes need to be developed from early childhood through games, exercises and tasks.

Make sure you spend at least one hour working together. For example, you can draw a non-existent animal together and then sew a soft toy after this drawing. You can also make an impromptu play or write a fairy tale.

Remember to nurture and strengthen the will of the preschooler through the daily routine, light sports and household chores.

The child must also be able to hold the pen. Try teaching it to write block letters, words and numbers.

The most important task of preparing a future first-grader is to teach the child to learn, to awaken his interest in self-development, the desire to learn something new. When dealing with a child, listen to it and do not overload with information.

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