Why is it worth to go for a sports scholarship to the USA?

By playing for one of the university teams in the United States, you get a unique chance to get a quality American education at the lowest cost and start your own international career.

So, what are the main advantages of playing for the university team? First of all, this option is ideal for those who would like to continue a sports career and at the same time obtain higher education, which is not necessarily related to sports.

Students, who play for one of the university teams, have the opportunity to choose any specialty that is available at the university. In particular, the study of management, psychology, chemistry, programming, etc. is available for tennis players. In addition, there is an opportunity to study in the second specialty.

US universities invest huge sums in their own sports teams and they are proud of their achievements. Many famous athletes have experience playing for university teams.

Sports training of students is carried out at the highest level. Highly qualified coaches make every effort to ensure that young people reach the peak of sports opportunities during four years of study at the university.

In addition, playing for the sports team of the university, you get a great chance to become famous. Many people after graduating continued their careers at a professional level.

Playing for a university team, you will travel a lot, while ordinary students have the opportunity to travel only on vacation.

Very often student-athletes are paid a special scholarship, which will be enough to cover a significant part of the cost of training, and in some cases - also for accommodation, health insurance, food, materials and more.

Of course, getting in a university sports team and getting a scholarship is quite difficult. However, we can provide full support for young people who have decided to study in the United States. You can get more detailed information by the following phone numbers: (093) 593-59-93; (098) 593-59-93.

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