Пошукове просування сайту (SEO)


- Content optimization related to the content itself and page titles/descriptions with the
requirements of PPC policies
- Monitor, track, and analyze ranking performance on an ongoing basis, and optimize
SEO campaigns as necessary
- Conduct a competitor's analysis and identify strategies to reach the top.
- Set and execute a strategy to develop new ways to attract traffic
- Keyword research to identify and discover new targeting keywords and explore content
- Search for new linkbuilding tactics.
- Provide SEO analysis and recommendations on the structure of websites and web
- Set and execute a strategy to improve the organic rankings and search traffic.


- Strong technical SEO experience.
- Experience working with technical SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, Netpeak
Software, Ahrefs.
- Good written English skill, as the job requires working on an English project.
- Knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools.
- Understanding of HTML and CSS for content improvement.
- Experience working with unusual linkbuilding strategies.
- Experience creating strategies and resolving SEO issues.