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200 евр.

Build responsive web-form with PHP back-end, unit-tests and front-end integration tests

200 евр.
Looking for a Full-stack developer with PHP and JS strong background for a short project. Please note this project is not a complete web-site building just a one responsive form with pure PHP 7.4 back-end (no frameworks) but there must be PHPunit tests on back-end side as well as Front-end integration tests written on Protractor executing on Selenium Webdriver.
After success execution of this project there is ability to continue our coperation.

Required experience:
- PHP 7.x, MySQL, PHPUnit.
- Javascript, jQuery, AJAX.
- CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Mustache template engine.
- Selenium Webdriver, Protractor, Jasmine.
- Git, GitHub.
- Language level: you can read documentation in English (concept made in English) plus fluent Russian/Ukraine, or just fluent English without Russian/Ukraine.
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